Monday, July 9, 2018

JAM OF THE WEEK 7/8/2018

JAM OF THE WEEK: "So Wrong" by The Interrupters

For reasons I can't remember, I'm subscribed to Hellcat Records on YouTube.

And last week, I'm glad I did, because they introduced me to The Interrupters, a ska punk band in the same vein as Rancid.

They recently came out with a new album, 'Fight The Good Fight'. The song I've chosen from it is "So Wrong", the one I happened upon first. I'd also recommend the rest of the album, since this one doesn't standf as well on a closer listen, but "So Wrong" is a great entry point if you're a fan of more straightforward punk.

While Rancid is an obvious influence, it does remind me a lot of some of Social Distortion's faster songs. Especially since lyrically it's very reminiscent of "I Was Wrong". That is "I was an asshole and probably fucked everything up, and this is me realizing I'm the asshole". However, "So Wrong" has so much more energy, it made me forget that I was driving to work- oh

oh I have work again tomorrow


Anyway, here's the first single from the album, "She's Kerosene":

It's a better showcase of their style, and a way more fun hook. That bass playing is still smooth as all heck!

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