Sunday, March 4, 2018

Ya Ya Ya It Is Status Quo Sunday

Sadly, due to a familial obligation on the 10th, I will be unable to perform at Omni Expo this year.

I was glad to see it change to a new location last year, and I've seen it grow since Year One, however, something came up. Hopefully I can play again next year!



OK, this is so much better paced than the first chapter, now that the premise has been introduced and things are opening up. Next week begins all the detective work!

If you think I'm lying about Danganronpa being Socialist:

After all, it's about a group of people cooperating in the face of a system that rewards exploiting your fellow man and getting away with it for profit. Only, in Danganronpa, the Justice System actually kinda works.

JAM OF THE WEEK: "Green Light" by Lorde

OK, if you told me that I'd be hype over a Lorde song, I'd say your were crazy. She made her name with the dour "Lorde: and "Team", and both while a little too slow paced for my liking, were still excellently performed and produced.

What I like Lorde for is that she includes all of these little details that add up to a really shitty overall picture.

"I've never seen a diamond in the flesh" or "I do my makeup in someone else's car" are "Like, Whatever Lady" statements on their own, but more of them together paint a picture. It's not "So stupid it sticks in my head and I have no choice to turn it over in my head" like Fall Out Boy or utterly specific with details like the chorus to "Closer" or "Before He Cheats", bu I think it works, especially when there's nothing else in the song to distract you, and you have to hang on every word.

"YA YA YA I AM LORDE" this song is not!

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