Saturday, December 3, 2016

PODCAST RECAPS FOR 12/3/2016: Boopin' To Flavortown

-For the sake of comparison, here's a handy chart that has all the vocal ranges:

There is some overlap between vocal ranges, for example bass (lowest male voice) and soprano (highest female voice) overlapping by middle C. Of course, it varies from singer to singer and song to song, but given that you can sing a note in Rock Band in a different octave and still have it be "correct", so it's not that bad. Of course, this was recorded two weeks ago, and the challenge will be different by the time you read this, so fuck me.

-Sombra's the newest playable hero in Overwatch:

While I haven't given her much playtime, I'm glad she exists because Overwatch needed its equivalent of the Spy from Team Fortress. Usually I'd bring out the Spy when the other team has a lot of defenses set up, since, like Sombra, I can go invisible, get behind enemy lines, and fuck shit up.
In general, OW is more dynamic then TF2 with each charachter having ultimate abilities popping off quicker, thereby enabling the tides to turn. However, her hacking ability gives the game that much more back and forth, and can do things like hack Torjborn's turrets, and Bastion's sentry mode, two of the biggest STOP signs on the battlefield.

-Metallica On Youtube:


-Ben getting Hors D'Voures wrong as the episode wears on is probably my favorite bit.

-This week's Indiegogo is... A Donkey Sauce Cannon! Our stretch goals include a trip to Flavortown and a wacky robot sidekick.

You can learn how to make Donkey sauce here. It's not that special

-Between Inspector Gadget and Godzilla, if Matthew Broderick was involved in a movie based off something from your childhood, it's not going to be good.


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