Monday, April 21, 2014

Status Quo Sunday Rocked Me Like A Hurricon

I've mentioned it before, these gigs of legend.

Everything was 100% on point. My setlist, planned out, was rehearsed for weeks in advance. I had sent out plenty of invites on Facebook, and did a ton of advertising in the days leading up to this past Saturday.

One of my neighbors in the vendor's room, Knova, was kind enough to lend me a cameraman (SUP ALEX?) so I can have it all on video. I had a complientary table, I sold some CDs, got a TON of names on the mailing list, and took plenty of pictures of some cosplays for the coming recap video.

On stage, I was perfect: No lyric fumbled, no note missed, and all eyes were on me. This would have been perfect.

If I remembered to bring a fucking mic stand.

We learn the best lessons from the harshest situations.

Anyway, good con, great price (aka none). There was some sponsorship from Florida Supercon, which is why a couple things managed to work, like the sponsorship from Microsoft for the game room and the location for what is a free con put on by a college club (Miami Airport Convention Center). 

I just want to give a big shout out to EVERYONE who came out to see me! This put a huge smile on

-I got to see HotDiggedyDemon, whois absolutely gigantic in person. He didn't have any cartoons to show off, but he did make for an entertaining Q & A.

-I got to play Zombies!!! which is a game I only seem to play at cons. Imagine the survival horror aspect of the early Resident Evil games and the "HA HA! YOU'RE SCREWED!" of Uno.

-I got a game of Commander in (I faced against the WORST possible Commander, I run an Oloro lifegain deck, he played Erebos, God Of The Dead, effectively neutering ALL of my shenanigans) BUT I DIGRESS

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