Saturday, May 14, 2011

Robot Rising EP

Robot Rising EP by RhythmBastard


1. Robotman's Lament (from the upcoming Dino Hunter MD Soundtrack)
2. Force Of Nature
3. Pass The Class (from the upcoming Dino Hunter MD Soundtrack)
4. Radio Days Pt. 1 (Live from The Vault)
5. Axe Cop: The Song

Recorded at Bastard Central
Mixed and Mastered at Industrial Light and Schoepher

"Robotman's Lament" and "Pass The Class" are two songs I did for an internet show my friends created, Dino Hunter MD.

So basically, they had me re-do like 5 or so songs they used in episodes. They're selling DVDs of Season 1, and want to avoid any legal kerfuffles. The list went as follows:
"You're The Best Around" by Joe Esposito
"Heat Of The Moment" by Asia
"Mr. Roboto" by Styx
"I Will Remember You" by Sarah McLaughlin
"Centerfield" by John Fogerty

Then I more or less disregarded all of those suggestions and did my own thing. I won't necessarily spoil the episodes as you can watch them at the FaceBook link, and the YouTube page.

It was an amazing experience, as I was banging out songs like a mofo, and I've been in "do shit" mode for the past month. It was great for breaking me out of a creative rut. So to all of the Rock Band Network people who follow me on Twitter, this has been why I've been inactive.

"Pass The Class" is used in a montage scene, so for this scene I went with all the intensity and jingoism of your average 80's montage, but with all the lameness of studying.

"Robotman's Lament" tells the story of an XZ71 Robotman Unit (the design I'm wearing in the cover) who- DOWNLOAD THE FUCKING SONG. Of all of these songs from the Dino Hunter MD batch, I think this one I'm the most proud of, since it's got 5 acts, chiptune, and intensity in all the right places.

The other three you'll have to wait until the DVD comes out later this summer, but trust me, it's worth it, and when I sent these to the guys in charge, they fucking loved it.

"Radio Days Pt. 1" and "Force Of Nature" are from... something else, but "Force Of Nature" is a re-record I did for....

WHEN AXE COP AND FORCE OF NATURE COME OUT FOR THE ROCK BAND NETWORK! I still need to get the animations right for "Axe Cop", and start on "Force Of Nature", but those are just two quick things while Akira the Don and MC Lars are on tour.

Download it and love it!

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