Sunday, October 8, 2023

Status Quo Sunday Makes The Most Of The Space



 Hey oh, what one of these? All riiiiiiight!


Megaplex 2023 | Theme Reveal - YouTube

Megaplex was a bit stressful to say the least: I had a lot of panels to manage on TOP of my show, it was in a new, bigger hotel, and Ron Desantis's Fucktarded Bullshit led the con to be only 18+.

What panels you say? WELL ALLOW ME TO BREAK IT DOWN: 


Furry Musicains: From Hobby To Career

This ran very similarly to the Anthrocon Panel, but me and CK9C were joined by Whsprs, a VRChat musician from Austria, and Aviators, a synthpop act that mostly does songs about video games. Everyone was super nice, and it was great to get to know them better, especially Whsprs's panel the next Saturday, when whe went more in depth on his VRChat setup.

My Show!

One thing that came with being in a new hotel is not being a 100% sure how to use the space, so panel rooms didn't have much of a flow to them as previous years. I wasn't on main stage, so I was in a panel room, that was off the beaten path, even though everything was very well sign posted. 

The show itself went very well, even though it is show #0293-01385 where I do realize I have to invest in monitor.

Still, I gave it my all, and the crowd walked away VERY happy!


Scratch Game

This came together WAY better than I expected! I was able to get 5 panelists, and it turned out to be just enough to fill up the hour and get three full rounds.

Bara Panel

This started off a little awkward getting the setup ready, but we had a packed house and hopefully got people an education in drawing beef men. I also got my chest drawn on, and it got weirdly emotional toward the end.

Even though I was commentary, me and Anubis worked VERY well together, and it was so popular we were meeting up with people at 3 AM afterward!

Sunday I just sold in Artist Alley. I also did the escape room, which was card game themed this year, so I was into it. Very Yu-Gi-Oh reliant, so I wasn't able to blaze through it as quick as I could, but regardless I'm always impressed by escape room tech.

Some other highlights:

1. Got to meet Xeno/Scronce, for the first time IRL. He's done so much for me and has been such an enthusiastic supporter of my music that it was an HONOR. also he gave me uppies


2. I full suited for the first time ever!


I learned a lot from taking it for a field test, namely what works and doesn't work walking around for extended periods of time.

3. I kept meeting a lot of people from the fandom I recognize, and also are familiar with my work, including Renard, who I commissioned a story from, and WANTED to reference my music in the story!

4. I have a scent from Huffaromas which I debuted at Megaplex! Which dovetails nicely into...


1. Thrash's Backstage Pass - Huffaromas Scent










The show's all wrapped up and lucky you, Thrash invites you out behind the venue where he's got something stiff for ya! Featuring rosemary, lime, tequila, the woods and some other "behind the venue" scents!

Scent by Huffaromas

Art by Mafekoba 

2. Thrash, Raucous Raccoon Poster












Another MTG poster in the vein of my Burninator one, this one features more raccoon beef, and YOU can tap him!

3. Daddy Doinkies











This shirt blew up a bit on Twitter and Bluesky, so I bit the bullet and made the design available.  

A shirt with for men, women and otherwise with chests to be proud of! If you can bench three plates, or bang out a lot of pushups, this offers some helpful suggestions on how to refer to your prodigious prized pecs!

JAM OF THE WEEK: "I Don't Wanna Be Me" by Type O Negative

Peter Steele is one of those hunky men Kelly Turnbull is always going on about, and when aforementioned Jeff dropped this in my Discord, my curiosity to FINALLY hear what this large man sounds like piqued. 

He sounds fucking awesome. 

Now, I HAVE heard that this is one of their more straightforward songs instrumentation-wise, but this is EXACTLY my speed, even if the rest of their catalogue is more gothic. It's this heart-wrenching, primal growl of a song about how Peter Steele, due to his addictions and health issues, didn't want to be himself anymore, but he had to keep going.  

"Please don't dress in black
When you're at his wake
Don't go there to mourn
But to celebrate"
is SUCH a fucking hard line that's like "I don't want people to mourn the end of my life, but to celebrate the end of my suffering and that attitude has gotten me through so many losses of loved ones over the years. And THEN it's followed by wailer of a guitar solo.

The music video is Balls Of Fury guy doing shtick. 

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