Thursday, November 16, 2017

Status Quo Sunday Is Done Working For The Weekend


This weekend was busy as hell, but I managed to remember enough for at least one paragraph each.

1. Rhythm Bastard Does Hardcore Nerdcore Punk Rock

I knew it was going to be hellish going in, because we had a 3000 Brigade rehearsal at 7:30 in the morning. My show was at 3 PM, and I was starting to feel under the weather at this point. However, an early morning workout and nice hot shower later, I was ready and raring to go. A lot of the changes I made to my live show at Fantoku went over well! People were coming in more and more as the show went on, so it wasn't necessarily the worst thing that the previous panel started a little long.

I DO have footage from the show, but I need to check on it.

2. 3000 Brigade: Mushroom High Rules!

After 6 months of rehearsals and missed podcasts, it was showtime. We opened the doors at 8, and did a little preshow where the actors, in character, interact with the audience before the show proper starts. For me, most of it was as a boy band member thrusting my crotch in strangers faces and snubbing cheerleaders. Which for me, is "Wednesday".

We are not allowed to release anything about the show to the public. In every 3000 Brigade production, there's characters that are part of every show (Mario, Luigi, Peach, Red Link, etc.), and then there's "secret" characters integral to the plot.

In this production, Rick and Morty travel to the 3000 Brigade Dimension's past, and with the help of Lucio, Tracer and Zarya from Overwatch, attempt to influence Mushroom High's election so that Daisy does not lose to Waluigi for class President. Hatsune Miku is Waluigi's girlfriend. Blathers from Animal Crossing, Bayonetta and the male Wii Fit Trainer are all teachers there.

Keep in mind, we've run through show over and over again, so by this point we know the show, are familiar with the jokes, we know who's in it.

The pops when each new character came out, the laughs to each joke, the WAAAAs whenever Waluigi showed up was like I was doing everything for the first time again.

Everyone I talked to afterwards loved the show, and it was a rousing success.

I couldn't have gone through all of this with a nicer group of people. 10/10 would do again.

3. Iwai-vor Series

And because I'm insane, I had something to do on Sunday.

Iwai-vor Series is the Tag Team Edition of my "As Of Yet Unnamed N64 Wrestling Federeation" Event. A bit of a risk, since I didn't know if I could get enough people to do a proper tournament.

We had 7 tag teams. Turns out the real risk was that nobody wanted to use the Tag optio. Still, a huge thank you to anyone who showed up and an even bigger thank you to our champs!

Also I look like that because I went in my Ral Zarek cosplay to the runway thing.

JAM OF THE WEEK: "B12" by B12
This was the song we danced to at the beginning of the 3000 Brigade show. Nothing special about it, it's just a regular ol' boy band song. But there's 12 boys and they got all the tropes in there: "The Tough Streets", the "Spooky Mansion", "Future". All of 'em.

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