Monday, January 6, 2014

Status Quos Of Anime

Between the recovering, unpacking and last minute thing taking care of, I totally forgot to write about Sands Of Anime!

Overall, it was really good for the very first year of a con. The rooms were super nice, super cheap, and there was a lot to do.While I do have a couple nitpicks with the scheduling and what not, I don't think at any period of time where I felt there was any problem on behalf of the people running things hour to hour.

There was a Casino Night, a Magic The Gathering tournament (which I came in 2nd!), Way Of The Samurai (foam boffer swordfighting), and a lounge area with rhythm games, so all in all, there was a lot to do.

As for my show, felt good, videos are coming soon, but it was also scheduled opposite the voice actors panel, so I didn't get allowed to make a lot of noise. S.S. Hanami also had a similar problem.

Really, the only complaint I have was that it felt a bit sparse. It's a good location, they managed to have some good events, but in its first year, they felt anemic, because the fledgling population was spread out over multiple areas. Whenever a crowd did gather, like at the WOTS tournament, it was a lot of fun, BUT it also took place at the same time as the Random Gibberish concert. 

It'll improve with attendance. Like Hero Hype Con, I really love supporting new conventions, when people decide to share what they love with others.

Album? Yeah, that new song is coming together, but between getting the State Of The Bastard Address 2014 ready, and prepping for spending all day playing cards on Saturday, it'll be ready by next week earliest. But we'll cross that bridge when we get to it, because more exciting stuff is coming up.


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