Monday, October 19, 2015

Echo Chamber Post Game Episode 143


-OK, so as I mentioned last week, I do these things by working of general headlines and then writing about them. However, think of of this as my "For Those Of You Further Behind" look at Rock Band 4, since I picked it up THE DAY after we recorded that Episode.

-For some reason, I had this in my Bookmarks Folder to put on this week:

You know what's Rising Above? HER WEIGHT! ACK!

-Right, so I've been a little back on forth on RB4, and while it's still Rock Band, I still have this dialogue going on in the back of my head. The setlist isn't as big, bbut they're an indepentent studio now and can't pull in anything else. Customization options are barren, but the models look REALLY GOOD, and the venues, while missing the crazy effects I loved playing around with in the RBN days, make the venues feel more real.

The main complaint I hear is that "It was rushed to beat Guitar Hero to the market." I can see that, but it's like "When would they release it?" Another couple months might not have been enough to add anything significant, and waiting another year would be too long. To release it OTHER than the holiday season would be ridiculous. DLC exports have been spotty, and are slowly coming together, but I can still download all my old songs for FREE, and have even discover new ones.

All that said, Rock Band 4 is still worth playing because the Rock Band experience has ALWAYS been worth playing.

-Confession, I left my notes at work, so I'll try to remember exact topics we talked about:

-The Voting System: I've always been for this, and limiting my options to what songs I can pick keeps me from picking the same song, and has my exploring the setlist. I've only played by myself so far, so it's been more of a multiple choice test than a band feature.

-Freestyle Solos: As of right now, not a fan. It's a great idea, but it's off JUST enough that I shut them off, since I need to double check my calibration. Also, I'm playing by myself right now, so I'm more in the RAGH MUST PLAY GAME then the FUCK YEAH PARTY TIME mode.

-Tour Mode: Love it! Other than the really-not-there character creation options, it's an entertaining enough mode to play through.

For each tour you go out on, there's a decision you make beforehand. For example, "Do you buy a van with what little you have or do you let your uncle manage you?" which all boils down to stuff like "$$$ vs. Fans" or "Pick your own setlist vs. have it chosen for you". That's standard, but what I like is each little story that happens in between each decision. For example, before one of my shows in the loading screen text, Uncle Tony said that he's an awesome business man with dealings in the condiment business. Next show, he mentioned something about striking a deal. For my last show on the tour, my band was wearing "GRANDMA STAPLETON'S HORSERADISH SAUCE" tees. Nice little touch.

-Setlist surprises: "Your Love" by The Outfield. Always a one hit wonder, but it's a great 80's pop-rock song.
This has also been covered by The Aquabats, meaning it's an Objectively Good Song

There aren't a lot of Epic Marquee Songs this time around, but there's some good stuff.

-This was also saved on my Favorites this week for some reason:
Oh wait, that's the site's source code. Nevermind.

So, yay! RB4! yay....

-Oh yeah, and here's the Worst RBN Venue Ever:

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