Friday, October 9, 2015

Status Quo Radio out TODAY!!!


Five years! Five years in the making, from the first time I played Team Fortress 2, to the first song I uploaded on NewGrounds,  IT'S FINALLY FUCKING DONE!!!

Now, if I can remember correctly, Force Of Nature was the first song I worked on, and Bastard's Reunion was the last. All the interlude sections were recorded this week.

Here's a list of people I'd like to thank:
DJRoboRob for doing the mixing/mastering/production
It was fate that we met up at Omni Expo 2014, where he and Starby caught a set I did in the hallway, because the panel room I was supposed to play in gave me no walkthrough. He remembers it as "the nerdiest punk rock moment" he's ever seen. A few months later, he's mixing the tracks he heard that very night.

Mervyn McKoy for doing this sweet ass cover.
#SoFloConBro, and maker of some damn fine comics, such as Giant Robot Warrior Maintenance Crew and The C-Listers. I hope he goes far and does more mainstream work, not that I don't pick up everything he smears his art on.
Seriously, we went back and forth and came up with something GREAT. I loved it so much it helped drive the finishing part of the story and makes for a sweeeeet MTG playmat design.

Paolo Viteri for helping out with the drums

A solid podcast partner, a solid drummer, and a more solid friend. He helped figure out drum parts when my idiot guitar hands couldn't.

David K. Ginn and Jesse Schoepfer for doing some background vocals!

The DHMD KREW!!! A lot of this stuff is going WAAAAAAAAY back for me, since their gang vocals were recorded YEARS ago. Still, they were some of the first people to believe in my music, so they get a credit :D

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