Tuesday, October 20, 2015

INSERT QUEST HERE: Gods and Monsters Part 1

I was part of an Actual Play session this past week on the podcast Insert Quest Here. Also on the podcast was Ryan from Rag-NERD-Rok who was our GM.

A couple years ago I was part of a DnD group with some friends and it was fun, but then once I played a game of Eclipse Phase with Ryan, I had to get good at improv and role playing, and it's a weird space to get into, especially when there's so much riding on the face that dice rolls need to come out a certain way, but then again, that's where Rag-Nerd-Rok showed me some next level GMing. A good GM will let you fail. A good GM has a plan for if and when you fail. A good GM will not let you fail.

It's midnight Sunday when I wrote this so I have content for the rest of the week, but you get my drift.

The FATE system has a lot of back and forth to it, and makes for a cinematic style of play, where you have to occupy this odd headspace between what your character would do and what you would do as a third party watching it on a movie screen like so many horror movie buffs yelling "Don't go in there!".

So, question, when Part 2 comes up, should it be its own thing, or should I lump it in with the podcast recaps? 

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