Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Echo Chamber Post Game Episode 126

The Echo Chamber

-FUN FACT: I was sent the raw files for "Hot Topic Is Not Punk Rock" and had to reconstitute the song using the ProTools file, and add my own distortion. Part of me wants to try and finish it for the Custom Creators Collective, but that would be disrespectful to Lars. Also, my C3 energy is better spent on the Best Song Pack Ever consisting of "Super Rad!" by The Aquabats, "Let's Dance To Joy Division" by The Wombats and "Anal Cunt" by G.G. Allin.

-"Only God can judge me"- Jeff, an atheist.

-Arcanon is working on an Adult Content pack for C3, so "Anal Cunt" by GG Allin might be a possibility.


-Vocals in Rock Band were always hit or miss, and if Rock Band 4 allows for more expression, then I'm all for it.  It's really a buzzkill when, even on Easy, someone who just wants to sing karaoke fails out and is given negative feedback. No Fail Mode as the default helps a little bit, but it's crushing when a player onjly scores 50%.

"I suck! I'm never going to play again!"

There's a colloquialism in Magic The Gathering for when there's a mechanic that can be seen as discouraging to players not quite ready to handle it: "Feelbads". For a game that invites such a casual playerbase, you want to avoid as many "Feelbads" early on in a player's career as much as possible.

-Final Fantasy X: HAHAHAHA! HA HA! HAHAHA! HA HA! HA! HA!! 

-Canary Mary in Banjo Tooie was regarded for being very difficult. While Mystakin and Arcanon tried to argue the best ways to tackle her, I'll be lazy and post some tips from GameFAQs:
"No-one can beat Canary Mary in less than 13 seconds (not even a giraffe) as she cheats and adapts her speed to match the player’s skill. If you play too well she always seems to win. We never did fix that one properly…" (Translation: WE DUN GOOFED!)

"The main thing to remember with Canary Mary is to keep the interval between your button presses constant" (Translation: Wicked rubberband A.I.)

"If you're into mashing the button as fast as possible, go ahead. However, if you feel like you're slowing down, press start to pause and get the blood back into your thumb... or finger or whatever (nose?). As long as you can stay ahead, it's all good" (Translation: Stop playing. Fuck this game)

The last method is one more suited to those who are a little more desperate. If you're sick of trying everything and anything and just want to finish the game 100%, buy yourself a turbo controller from an online store or your local retailer if they stock them. Turbo controllers allow the user to hold down a button and get the same effect of mashing it at an extremely fast and constant speed - perfect for beating Canary Mary. (Translation: Fuck this game, just cheat)

Also recommended:
-A spoon
-A pen
-Rock Band fret button

But, it makes sure to note that they fucked up the programming, so this won't work either.

Video Time? VIDEO TIME!
-"Barkerville" by John Drake

-Illuminati Lady Does Ducktales

-There Will Be Brawl's Kirby Is As Hardcore As America Wants Him To Be



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