Monday, June 29, 2015

A Much Better Sunday

This week's much nicer jam, while the Status Quo is still changing. Or maybe this always was the status quo, but the powers that be finally recognized it.

Like most of you, I’m very pleased about the Supreme Court decision Friday.
However, don’t unfriend somebody just because they disagree. Instead, be a constant reminder that this change is positive, and, if they’re adults, they’ll suck it up, and you might even change their minds.
Also, if they make arguments like “WHAT NEXT? WE CAN MARRY DOGS?” you can safely assume that they want to have sex with dogs. Do them a favor by posting up sexy dog piuctures on their wall. For kids!

There's also the matter of the Confederate Flag being disregarded by pretty much everyone, save those with the most foolish of prides, but we talk about that a lot in the Echo Chamber Podcast, so I think I'll save it for then.

Either way, this week's SQS was a complete 180 from last week.

#RBforTHPS5 is now in full effect!
I want to be in the next Tony Hawk's Pro Skater game!
So, as a little nudge, I released a new track into the wild (albeit cut down) and set it to a quick recording I did of some Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2X:

Track is called "Bastard's Reunion", and while it won't be available until the album comes out, I'm proud of the track looking back, and I think this is the one. 

I'm excited to see what THPS5 has in store, since while I didn't mind the open world nature of the latter games, like Underground and Sk8land, going back to play THPS2X was challenging in a different way.

Though the San Francisco Streets level sucked. A LOT.

The artist is working on the poster print, and I'll be tackling the T-shirt design. It's a simple little thing I whipped up, so that it won't be too much to print. Most of my time will be spent on the "boring" stuff like liner design and what not.

Hmmmm.... I do, but I'm not in the position to announce anything juuuuust yet. But I will tell you that they're both shows I played at last year, and am happy to play at again :D. That and I'm updating during WWE Raw when I'm working 10 hour days, so life is short.

Yeah... I don't know how to link my profile or anything, but I'm RhythmBastard on there as well. So far I've been doing really good with Garen and Kayle, and like TF2, I don't really have a preferred role, just kinda go wherever.

While TF2 has me playing for longer, League has me going back for more. TF2 I could play for hours in the same server, because it keeps games going until the map changes. With League, the fact that it has clear "stopping points" makes me come back to it, since I don't hit that "OH SHIT, I gotta stop point" as fast. The shorthand I use to describe it is World of Warcraft meets Football. Only this is, well, something that doesn't bore me.

But I keep myself to one game a day, I swear.

I can quit anytime....

Maybe I should take up something else... like jogging.... or heroin....

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