Monday, March 23, 2015

Status Quo Sunday Fest Presented by Ultracon

This week's jam:
A.K.A. Gang Beasts in music video form.

This week was another 10/4 week for me, so while I had the extra day off, unfortunately, I still had a busy weekend.

Two songs to go! Really, only one song to finish writing and one song to re-record.  Also finishing my Dragons of Tarkir song which leads me to....

DTK Prerelease! Went 3-1, going with a White/Blue flyers deck. Some MVPs:
-Misthoof Kirin: A 3/2 flier with vigilance that you can play as a morph for 3, and then turn up for only 2 mana, which enbables you to also play...
-Palace Familiar: 1/1, Flying, for 1 and a blue, AND when it dies, you draw a card? Definitely worth drafting. Small fliers, cheap blockers and even cheaper draw is WORTH IT!
-Illusory Gains: Control a creature, then control the next creature that comes out? Really took to this one, since there were a few games where my opponent didn't want to cast anything else, in the event that I'll control that too.

Right now, the plan is to focus on finishing the album, then worry about the Kickstarter. So, nothing has been set forward with that yet.

Good news everyone!
Miami Hurricon is coming up VERY soon, April 4th!
Ultracon has been moved to July, making me 100% FREE to do Omni Expo!
Ultracon and Hero Hype Con are not confirmed yet, but I should be hearing back from them soon.
In the next couple days, I'll be updating the site with times and whatnot. 

I didn't have a show at GeekFest, but the card was pretty full, and any place with a stage was too crowded. I DID take pictures, and that video will come soon once my workload is a little lighter. Under Ultracon's wing, it took a big step up from where it was in 2013, but still kept it nice and manageable.

I'd be remiss to not to shout out  that I met up with Zach of ZifProd, who recorded my Chibi Pa Concert:

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