Monday, March 9, 2015


This week's Jam:

I got MAYBE 10 hours of sleep in the past 4 days

Yeah, I was at PAX East for one hell of a weekend.

Most of the times when I come back from playing a con, I'm happy, if a little stressed. I hung out, played a gig, everything's good.

When I got back from PAX East, I was inspired. Between all the indie games, bands, Telltale's Keynote, Penny Arcade's Q and A, the cosplays, and the sheer volume of people with their own tastes and meeting people who's lives are tangential to mine, I'm psyched for tomorrow to begin so I can come home an continue work on the album/DTK song/other shit.

So before I get to that- SHIT YEAH!!! ROCK BAND 4!!!!

I've got enough for a pretty sweet con recap video that might be a short film, but here's some quick recaps:

Easier to start with the Bad:
-Only there two days.
-Boston is COLD. 
-GETTING THERE. Arcanon was snowed in his house on Thursday, and we weren't sure if he would be able to make it. Without him, I wouldn't have any tickets. Fortuenately, he was able to get there later on Friday, and I was able to get a ticket beforehand.
 -Missing Markiplier's autograph signing for my brother and Paolo's.
-Not being able to go to the Harmonix Party.

It was the exact opposite of bad, mind you. This is stuff I didn't GET to do, but overall I'm satisfied with what I did.

Now the good:
-Not only did Paolo manage to beat Tennesse in its stupid snowy face, he arrived at the con JUST as me and Jeff were about to go on the Rock Band stage.
-Many selfies
-Seeing Freezepop and Paul and Storm in concert.
-Jeff will be shipping me an autogrpahed copy of Deadly Premontion
-Playing some Magic Drafts, pulling 6 rares in one.
-Getting some AWESOME swag, namely the exclusive MTG and Rock Band 4 pins.
-Confirmation that the new Amplitude game will be dope as fuck.
-Indie game "Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes" is a worthwhile experience that can oly be done in this environment and was totally worth it.
-Finally subscribing to an IndieBox.
-Seeing Birdman on the plane ride over
-Epic Speed-runs of Oregon Trail.
-Coming in the Top 4 in a THPS 2 competition.
-Magic The Gathering Panel AND THE RETURN TO ZENDIKAR!
-Handing out business cards
-DC Deck Building Game is worth all the hype. 
-Seeing Podcast homies.

-Being at PAX East in general :D

Rest of that album shit coming soon.

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