Thursday, June 5, 2014

Echo Chamber Episode 82 Post Game


A.K.A. "The Amplitude Education of Weffery Jebster"

-Yes, Jeff did spend $7500 to have one of his songs in the game, and gets to work with the Harmonix Audio Team, which is, as the kids say, pretty dope ass baller.

-Amplitude did make it's funding goal and then some, which, while awesome, still fell short of the original goal, which was to include Online Multiplayer.

-Looking through the Amplitude tag, I found a post from 5 YEARS AGO signaling the return of the franchise. This was of course, before Kickstarter. 3 months, if Wikipedia is to be believed.   
The key thing from the interview is that they were still busy with all the Rock Band and

-So, while deducing which songs would be a good fit for Amplitude didn't work out, here's what I think are best songs from Amplitude that would fit in Rock Band (Xenagos rest its soul):

5. "Push" by Game Boys

I really like this song. It was one of the tracks made just for the game, by the Game Boyz, which for all I know could be another Kasson Crooker side project. Simple, but the riff is pretty sweet, and the electronica inspired drums could provide a nice challenge. If mixed right, it could be really fun to play.

4. "Rockstar" by The Production Club

Kinda similar to "Push", but overall the guitar and bass work here is more complicated, where as unlike "Push", simple vocals. Still, the more rockier songs, and outside of some creative fuckery like "Synthesized" or "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" this is where we'd get the most electronic.

3. "Dope Nose" by Weezer
 This was a hard call to make, especially since I would KILL to see in Rock Band (it was in Guitar Hero: Van Halen... yeah...) There's so much to love here, especially on the guitar. The solo is awesome without being to hard, and both it and the drums have nice little fills to keep it interesting. Also, you can TOTALLY here the room going along to the WHOOA OOO OOOooO parts, right? Fun fact: This song was used in the prototype builds to Guitar Hero.

2. "M-80" by Papa Roach

Putting personal biases aside, this WOULD be the best fit musically, but fuck you. Every instrument here pounds with fury and energy, and it switches frequently intense punk and hard rock groove. It's incredibly easy to picture this being DLC when Harmonix was still making it.

1. "Everyone Says Hi" by David Bowie

BECAUSE IT'S DAVID BOWIE. The mix used in the game is a little too mellow, but this is one of the many Bowie songs that haven't really been utilized, such as "Changes", "Man Who Sold The World" and "Speed Of Life", the latter of which might make for a good "first tier" track on the new Amplitude. Originally I was going to put it lower, but the album version of the song would be fantastic, especially if they do their due diligence on the rhythm guitar.

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