Sunday, June 22, 2014

Status Quo Sunday Without Borders

Summer Games Done Quick 2014 started today!
 Watch live video from SpeedDemosArchiveSDA on

o and also the u.s. tied with Portugal in the world cup which is probably the world's largest sporting event, but who cares.

What's been going on? I do have a couple of announcements, but that is not set in stone yet, but I can guarantee that there will be a new poster, with all the shows I played in 2014, and 2013 to celebrate Flo-Rida. It's probably going to be me fighting zombies (A.K.A. Gov. Rick Scott and all the old people) or nuking the state from orbit. Who knows?

Also, some behind the scenes progress on Status Quo Radio is being made, writing more concepts (for the bigger album) and even looking toward the production side of things, such as who's going to mix/master it, and how much to set for the Kickstarter, factoring doing a digital only release vs. adding in other costs such as merch so that I have all of that ready for future shows. It's a balance to strike between keeping the budget big enough to account for the unaccountable, and small enough so that it's an achievable goal.

But I'm looking at my to do list, and other than order the last issue I need of True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys and the pieces for a Mono-Green Infect deck, there's a lot of songs in the works.

So sometimes on weekends I have enough time to work for the day, but during the week, I have to do it track by track. One way I love to piss off my parents is that any thing that I want to do that's time consuming, I just hold up 4 fingers for the 4 hours I have from the time I get home from work until bed. Is it healthy to think like that? Probably not, but then again I've always been a bit of a Taskmaster, making lists and always making sure that something is "going on"

But that feeling... That feeling when you fit in a workout during your lunch break, or cross a couple things off your list before bed... That's a pretty good feeling.

Papers, Please and Steam sales really fuck with that.

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