Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Echo Chamber Post Game Episode 8E-3 and 8E-4


-Mega64 Skit

There was also a later one, but I'm not including it because of Harrison Ford's traumatic death.

-Is E3 necessary?

I forgot who it was, but someone on the Giant Bombcast mentioned that while those of us "in the know" already knew a lot about what's going on in the video game industry already, E3 is more for the average consumer who gets their news through more standard/mainstream outlets (Newspapers, evening news, 24 hour cable networks except for Fox News because technology is scary). A local news station that Bombcaster worked at was only aware of video games during the E3 conference, or during some kind of moral panic.

Your average consumer couldn't care less about what's coming up outside a game that's already being advertised on TV, or more than a month down the line, so they still look to go "GOLLY, look at all these shiny new toys!" before caring about the couple they buy a year.

There was the failed "E for All Expo" that happened a couple years ago which was supposed to be a "Hey, guys! Come and see what's coming out!" thing, but it ultimately flopped.

FOR NOW, until more consoles get online so we might be able to do some time-limited demo/beta stuff for the masses, and until the news gets more video-game savvy (see below) we still need that central rallying point.

-Re: Arcanon on Amplitude: Given Jeff's comments on the previous episode (his credit limit was boosted more or less right away, Arcanon had to wait), I think from this we can determine that Arcanon's bank is WAY LESS likely to receive a government bailout in the future.


-So, while my Skype setup was all good, I still had my USB mic plugged in, which Reaper set as the default. FFFFFF-

-Carolyn was a great guest, and probably the main reason (behind Ozone of course) that this podcast happened in the first place. It was really awesome to hear how much she loved running the RBN Network, and she felt warm fuzzies with us talking about how much we loved making stuff for the RBN.

-Revolution 60- This game sounded really unique from the description she gave, and my brain is stuck on The Walking Dead Telltale meets Megaman Battle Network, which is enough to get me to play it. According to their Facebook page, it's ready for testing.

More pics on Flickr, which is the Online Photo Service of all the cool kids.


"Nintendo's 'glacier white' Playstation 4"

See also, "Cowboy Bebop at his Computer"

Which reminds me that I still need to watch Cowboy Bebop and on top of that, I got my brother bitching at me to watch Attack On Titan.

-We out ourselves as Nintendo Fanboys a lot on this one. Whereas Sony and Microsoft are competing with each other, Nintendo at this point is flailing it's arms going PAY ATTENTION TO US!!! Mario Maker and Splatoon got us the most hype, but my attention was more focused on 3DS and their offerings. So, in average PODCAST RECAP TRADITION, here's what's going to be on my wishlist in the coming months:

Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright:

A.K.A. Two of my favoritest DS games had a baby and now I get to play them at the same time instead of choosing what to bring with me on the toilet.

Persona Q:

The universe and characters of the Persona Series, on a console I don't have to beg my brother to use!

Project  S.T.E.A.M.:

Steampunk Advance Wars where you and Abraham Lincoln fight aliens and for the love of Xenagos you had me at "Advance Wars"

-Your annual reminder that Frog Fractions exists

-Following the news that John Drake was let go as well, maybe we can have him on as well?

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