Sunday, June 15, 2014

Status Quo Sundays and the Papas


He was also responsible for filming the show:

My Dad's going in for surgery this week, so that's all on our minds. He was always very supportive of the Rhythm Bastard, and was always willing to help get me to shows, answer technical questions, or be an extra set of ears.

I got him a Blu-Ray copy of the movie Quadrophenia, which is a pretty good movie.

There's a bit of a break in between gigs, so I'm going to be working on new music. A couple Magic The Gathering based songs, and maybe a new rap inspired by a Let's Play?

Also for this week's Echo Chamber podcast, we interviewed game designer Carolyn VanEseltine, who was a former Harmonix employee that ran the Rock Band Network, where we all met up. Since that and last week's podcast are both E3 related, they're going to be recapped together. 

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