Monday, June 2, 2014

Status Quo Sunday Gets Hyped To STAY HYPED!!

Oh, WWE... Every NXT wrestler I think "Oh, I'd like to see where he goes!" gets jobbed out to Rusev....

If we can look back for just a quick second....


You can see the full archive on my Flickr Page.

And now looking forward to the future: Once I'm at Hero Hype Con, I'll have a table there, and be performing a bunch of smaller, surrogate shows around the con since my time slot is so early.

Maybe I'll go "Wandering Salesman" and have all my CDs and posters for sale!

Are you an artist/graphic designer looking for some another commission? I'm probably going to need someone to work on some other stuff, but if you're an artist at an upcoming convention, and you want to do a poster, send me an e-mail at

I'm also looking for people to do the "Status Quo Radio" cover/poster and all that, but that's not for right now. Once I finish this second Act, then I'll be ready for it to send out to artist, just so they will have enough of an idea of the album beyond the first 10 or so minutes.

But after HHC, then I'll have more time to finish up these half-done songs I've been on.


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