Sunday, August 26, 2012

Why August 26th Is A Good Day

-Working on Lars Attacks and Hell Yeah for Rock Band Network, and should be uploading new versions soon.

-Finishing up 2 new songs! Check my NG account. However I'm also...

-Playing Team Fortress 2's new Mann vs. Machine mode! At first it seemed like too much to take in (upgrades? Waves? What is this witchcraft?!?), but it's a lot of fun, especially if you have a tenacious group of bot battlers.

-Speaking of which, Team Fortress is 16 years old! It started as a mod for Quake, then after the designers were hired by Valve, it was ported over to the GoldSrc engine where it became a mod for Half Life in 1999. The sequel Team Fortress 2 was in development for a while until its release in October 2007. So, no, you're not (that) old.

-Also, today just so happens to be the day that "Status Quo Radio", the first, last and only single by my first band, The Bastards, hit #1 on the Rock And/Or Roll Type Music chart in 1968!

Of course, later that day, the rest of my band died in a freak groupie accident right on the stage of Rock Everyone Demands!, the most popular of all 1960's music countdown shows, save for Best List Undisputed!, it's most heated rival.

That's another story for another time. All I'm saying is, I got some wicked cool scars out of it.


-All my podcast bros seem to have Rock Band Blitz before me. NO I'M NOT JELLY AT ALL!!

-To show how NOT JELLY I am, here's an Adam WarRock vid:

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