Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Axe Cop Soundtrack Pitch Video

SEND THIS TO EVERYONE YOU CAN!! I'd like to thank David and Jesse of Cannibal Troll for helping me out with this.

 I got a job offer today for an engineering job which I've grown to detest for the past few months but hey at least it has medical and pension, because it's ok, I can still be one of those fat guys who "jam" with their other old guy friends covering folk music shit like mrs. robinson or me and julio down by the school yard or whatever other shit the classic rock radio format is trying to shove down my throat at the bar once every month and while we think we're getting somewhere we really aren't, and that will be good enough because it's what I'm supposed to do, even though I'm borderline suicidal for the past month or so and this is just another instance of me shrugging my shoulders and going "I guess" yet again, because I've always felt the pressure to "keep it safe" and "do the SMART thing" even though I'm 24, which I'm told is time to start settling down yet is super young and I still have all my life ahead of me, but fuck all of that, I guess I'm retiring from this music shit for a 42500 a year job, and I'm filled with regret because I never gave this thing a proper shot, and seriously, I feel like I'm trapped and dying and nothing I do is going to change it because fuckers like Mitt Romney run the world and I'm told to be thankful I have a job, and I can't talk to any of my friends about because they have either drank the kool-aid and jizzing their pants over HVAC plans and are content with what they do or are unemployed spending time what I want to do, which I guess means I finally get those people who yell "Get A Job" at the Occupy Wall Street protesters because misery loves company, I guess, so anyway, please give a shit about my music, but nobody has for the past 4 years of this blog, so why should anyone start now,

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