Sunday, August 12, 2012

WarRock/Math/Lars Show August 10th

Long story short, I got a lot of awesome music for not a lot of money. DIY FTW.

Also, I learned that Lemon Drop shots are for suckers (no pun intended). It's like, "Well, that was a waste, I'm not drunk!" and then you suck on the sugary lemon wedge and it's like "All is forgiven!"

But you're still sober.

I missed WarRock, but managed to come halfway through Math The Band's set. They said, with their music, "Welcome! HERE'S A WALL OF SOUND!!" and it was good. The energy from that set was unmatched.

MC Lars played all the hits, and guested with everybody. No, I'm serious, if at any point they worked with Lars, they came onstage. WarRock rapped on "Generic Crunk Rap", MC Frontalot came on for "O.G. Original Gamer", Schaffer The Darklord did "Do The Bruce Campbell", Justine from Math The Band was on Ahab, and some guy from the band that did "Teenage Dirtbag" played bass for the whole set. Atone point he freestyled using random items the audience had, and he hit that shit 100%.

I picked up the Edgar Allen Poe EP from Lars, Math The Band's EP, and Adam WarRock's new album "You Dare Call Thing Human?".

I will we talking about ALL of this on the podcast this week!

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