Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Echo Chamber Post Game Episode 7


-So the reason why Black Album was a major departure for Metallica was because producer Bob Rock worked on stuff that was more glam, like Dr. Feelgood and Slippery When Wet. Metallica still had to make the conscious decision to write the Black Album, but that certainly contributed.

-Musical Un-Intregrity was actually used on Wikipedia for "selling out" in reference to Metallica:
Exact definition for musical un-integrity:
Musical un-intergrity is a specific music industry term for when a band totally sells out and becomes super gay to listen to like all that faggy Justin Bieber shit. Like, when they do something all retarded and shit, and now they're all fuckin' lame and gay and retarded.

Also I'm 14 and just got into Metallica after listening to "One" in Guitar Hero 3 and hearing all the grown ups talk about it, so now I only listen to real music.

See also: Having your band in Angry Birds as pigs.

-One "BIG CHANGE" in music, at least relevant to me: The Aquabats and the lack of horns in their last two albums.
This video sums it up rather well:

I can see where they're coming from: They wanted to keep things lean, and while wanting bigger cuts might equate to selling out, Charge! and Hi Five Soup! are awesome and it's just a different sound, trading one inspiration (fellow ska bands), to another (New wave, ala Devo)

-Due to a conversation I recently had with Owen of Ozone Ent, who edits and hosts the podcast, I am now aware that a Buckner and Garcia song exists for a certain game I recently mentioned.

-The Walking Dead Episode 1 was really good. Like, Deadly Premonition but without those retarded wall crawling baddies.

-So's this:

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