Monday, August 27, 2012

Echo Chamber Podcast Post Game Episode 8


Hope you didn't die from the explosion!

I just want to introduce Jeff to the least sucky Christmas song:

As far as subject matter goes, this one I had trouble with, since I'm not a very aggressive person and are all like "this sucks that sucks". I keep all my hate on the inside.But my first thought when I hear a bad song isn't "Why did they do wrong?" it's "What didn't they do right?". Or turn it off.

One thing I didn't mention as my least favorite Green Day song: "Ha Ha You're Dead". You see, occassionally I suffer bouts of mental retardation, during one of which I thought the Deadpool movie would still be a thing someday, and looking through some Green Day videos on YouTube, I saw the title "Ha Ha You're Dead" and thought "Hey, this should totally be in the totally-gonna-happen Deadpool movie!"

At first it was all right, but every time it comes on my MP3 Player, the thing just plods along and doesn't live up to the hooks Green Day is known for. 

Then again, it was off Shenanigans, their B-Side album, so it was practically a non-contender in greater context of their catalog.

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