Thursday, October 16, 2008

Just Stupid

Working on Girl U Want. I'll save all the info for when I finish it, but the solo is killing me.

Anyway, I don't want to leave anyone high and dry, so I'll post a few stories I found on Destructoid:

Rock Band 2 Reality Show
Really? REALLY? Does planet Earth need ANOTHER reality show? I guess I can't say too much without being hypocritical though, since I actually auditioned for the mockuentary VH1 did last year for RB1 for the role of the guitarist. Whether or not I dodged a bullet, I don't know.

The actual text:
"On October 15, VH1 Classic will premiere a new reality show called Rock Band 2: The Stars. It will feature Alice Cooper and Sebastian Bach as they play hosts to 12 wannabe rockers as they live in a mansion and compete in different Rock Band 2 competitions.

Every week the contestant with the worst performance will be eliminated. Once there are three players left -- one on drums, one on guitar, and one on bass -- the final group will perform until one is crowned the ultimate Rock Band 2 player! I also think the winner gets to perform with the traveling Rock Band Live tour, but who cares when you will be known as THE ULTIMATE ROCK BAND 2 PLAYER!"

RB2: The Stars seems like a really dumb idea. I guess it's cool that they get to go on tour with the Plain White T's (FUCK THOSE GUYS AND HEY THERE DELILAH!!!) and Panic At The Disco!, but still, I'd rather see the Mythbusters compete against a real band after intensive GH/RB training to see if they can match up, or some pro-GH/RB players try the real thing.

Rock Band Stage Kit
$100 for a strobe light and a fog machine only available on the 360. It looks awesome on paper, but in practice, it sucks. While it's awesome that it syncs up with the music, it's excessive and impractical. If you're THAT into the game that you need one of these things, just get a cheap-o guitar/drum set on e-bay.

It seems more like a thing for people who host HUGE Rock Band parties. And on that note, I want to get invited to one of those parties. I'm a blogger now! Someone voted on my poll! I'm like a celebrity in that I have problems. Like seriously, I have a Materials Science Midterm.

From Destructoid:
"Remember the Rock Band stage kit which was first revealed back in January? Well, it looks like it's finally going to start showing up in people's homes. The kit produced by Performance Design Products, consisting of a fog machine and multi-color strobe light (which flashes to the music), will retail for $99. The accessory is only available for the 360 but will be compatible with both versions of Rock Band."

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