Saturday, October 25, 2008

it's over!

Not ALL over, but Tier 1 is done with (the "new" Tier 1)!

Tip time!

Three chords. Three POWER chords. That's it. Hopefully you all can get that. One of the easiest songs in the world, but also the most fun to play.
A5 (577---)
D5 (-577---)
E5 (-799--)

Another Power chord driven song, but it's not that easy. Not that hard, but the only part that gave me trouble was this riff after the verse:

This requires a bit of barre chordage. First, bridge your index finger on the bottom 5 strings of the first fret, then put your middle, ring and pinky fingers on the D,G, and B sstring respectively. Then you can either use a major barre chord shape (index bridges second fret, ring +pinky on D and G of 4th, middle on third of B) or power chord the next one.
Repeat the first shape on the third chord, only with the 6th and 8th frets, then slide it down to the fourth and second. For some reason, my fingers find themselves in the perfect postion for this: Pluck the A, D. and G strings (keeping the same shape), then the bottom three, then the D, G and B strings. Switch to an A chord and repeat the process.



Now, for my opinions on my DLC choices:
"Dirty Little Secret"- This is one of those songs I picked because I hear it on the radio all the time, and it's a lot faster paced than the other DLC choice for this band, "Move Along"

"Troublemaker"- That is one catchy hook, I tell you what. It's been stuck in my head all day, and sounds not that hard.I might not use this and "Buddy Holly", because under the new arrangement, Weezer is now in Tier 2.

"Buddy Holly"- Why? Blue album Weezer. I'm not one of those people to get into "OH THEY WERE BETTER WAY BACK WHEN" (apparently Blue Album and Pinkerton are the only albums Goons are allowed to like), but it's interesting to hear the difference between two eras, like Johnson and Scott era AC/DC (which was Garbage Day'd on Something Awful. Yes, the Walmart hurts me too). Plus, it's in this awesome game.

"All The Small Things"- Yeah, I like Blink 182. "The Rock Show" was among the first songs I learned.

"Cheeseburger in Paradise"- My brother downloaded this, "Crushcrushcrush" and "More Than A Feeling" for DLC. On top of that, I wanted something REALLY out there as an option.

"I Fought The Law"- Ah, The Clash. Expect a Clash related thing soon.

"Under The Bridge"- Smooth as peanut butter with a lot of soul.

TL;DR: Tier 2 y'all

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