Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Roxanne's Got The Maps

If I managed to beat "Girl U Want", then the title of the post would be "Roxanne's The Girl U Want"

These are going to be the first songs I record.

OK, let's break it down for y'all:
This is quite a bit harder than the charts. If it were realistic, it'd be another tier up.

It starts out with a bit of tremolo picking on the 10th fret of the high E-string. This is NOT in the Rock Band note chart. I found the best way to do this is (other than practice, dummy) is rest the bottom of your hand on the bridge and try to rock your hand back and forth as you strum. I'm probably doing it wrong, but if anyone out there reading this knows better, then feel free. It accomplished the same effect, but I might pick up some bad habits (I think you're supposed to anchor your forearm on the back of the guitar). Either way, it's important to have an anchor.

Another way in which Rock Band got it wrong (or changed it for the sake of fun/challenge) is that the notes that kick in when the singer starts up are only strummed ONCE (Four times). It RB it's a quick double strum. This isn't too hard.

The first part where I had trouble going of the tabs is the chorus. The best one on Ultimate Guitar had power chords over the solo, but this little riff seemed more prominent:


Like "Here It Goes Again", the solo is also under dispute. The tab I showed had single notes, which sounded fine, but it didn't sound as full as the original. One version I saw had power chords, but it falls apart after the first bit.

It did have the breakdown afterwards correct. One guitar plays those two notes back and forth, the other hits those notes.

It ends with the picking.

This song is created for practicing the different types of chords and switching between them. You've got bar chords and open chords in the intro, power chords for the chorus, it's perfect for practice. Again, this is a song that is on a higher tier than it should be IF were talking about playing the real guitar.

Nothing I can really tab out or explain to you here, just a good song to work on chords, and it's fun to play. Ever since I started this experiment and learned more about open chords (see this post), part of me enjoys the sound of them more (Before this, I mostly tried to learn punk and a few other songs that mostly used power chords)

Here's the tab I used.


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