Monday, October 6, 2008

Plug Me In!

I am working on the Tier 1 DLC songs right now (Roxanne=done), but I want to make sure I have Girl U Want down before I cock my eyepatched head back and laugh.

But right now, I want to talk about the new AC/DC Song Pack coming out in November.

I'm a HUGE fan of AC/DC. I got the entire tab book, the Live At Donnington DVD, and plan on picking up Black Ice when it comes out in two weeks. Concert tickets ($130!) a bit much for my blood, but hey, what can you do? Ever since "Let There Be Rock" (a song I hadn't heard from them) was announced to be in Rock Band 2, I knew me and my brother would have to get that (...for the PS2. Now we got the PS3. It's one louder better).
On top of devising a scheme HONESTLY AND LEGITIMATELY OBTAINING Rock Band 1 for the PS3 to import the songs, you can import the AC/DC tracks as well.
Also, achievements, so I can show other people how good I am at pretending to be AC/DC

You can only import once. This is obviously an anti-piracy method, but hey, Rock Band 1 doesn't, right? While it's not AS BAD as Spore's situation (I uninstall and reinstall games all the time, and Spore allows 3 installs), and I don't plan on getting a PS3 myself, it's still an inconvienience.

18 songs... for $40. DLC is usually $2/song. I'm assuming the extra money is for packaging, but the 1st Rock Band Track Pack was $30 for 20 songs.
AND it's not like Guitar Hero: Aerosmith where you can play as the band itself, it's just cover bands, and I don't think there are any exclusive venues. So essentially $40 for a bare bones package. I can ALMOST see why you can't play as AC/DC themselves: Malcolm Young (the rhythm guitarist and brother of lead guitarist Angus Young) gets left out. Going back to GH:A, while it did only focus on Joe Perry (not counting co-op play), that was kind of the whole point. Nobody was expecting the singing and the drumming.
Finally, it won't be DLC for at least a long time from now. Granted it's about the "album experinece", but it would be cheaper on DLC, as seen from Red Hot Chili Pepper's Blood Sugar Sex Magik

MMMmmm... Still up in the air for this one. I'll wait until closer to the release date to make a decision, but so far it looks like I'm gonna be putting that burden on other people (i.e. Christmas).

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