Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fake Plastic Rock

Fake Plastic Rock is a blog, like 1fort, I hope this to be: insightful ramblings based on one of my favorite games.

Some interesting posts I'd like to highlight:
Fake Guitars vs. Their Real World Equivalents- Noted, because I wonder why these guitars were chosen. The Gibson SG was used for the first two GHs, but every site I checked lists the Les Paul and Fenders as the most popular. Wouldn't one of those have sufficed? With the quintessential nature of the songlist, I wonder why they didn't go with the quintessential guitar? My guess is that the concept was still too fresh for Gibson to take a huge risk licensing the most popular, so the chose the second-tier Gibson.

Kevin Perireria vs. Coheed and Cambria- Seen it a million times, but figured it's worth a repost.

Air Guitar Championships- It's stuff like this that makes it a step above a newsreel. How does he find this crap? He actually went to the crap! He even gives some rules and tips. I'd love to see a sort of Gonzo Journalistic take on such an event, but that's another story for another blog for another day.

Doesn't update very often (once a week maybe), but is chock full of good stuff.

OH HAY GUYZ- Sabotage and I Think I'm Paranoid updates tomorrow.

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