Monday, January 18, 2016

The First Rule Of Status Quo Sunday Is

For Fucks Sake Talk About It, Because I'd Like The Promotion.

Anyway, this week's jam:

Another GHTV discovery. I'm kind of glad Guitar Hero doesn't make a big deal about their new songs the same way Rock Band and Rocksmith do, so you forget about it for a while, then come back and say "Huh,, didn't know they added this" on top of the fact that the stations keep everything random so it doesn't get repetitive.

The Mowgli's are a real life version of the Portland Cloud Orchestra from Guitar Hero Live: A big alternative/folk group that is involved with many charities, and "San Francisico"'s message carries that to a T. It's peppy, and it makes me happy. I know my musical writing vocabulary is very limited, and it's another jangly alt/folk song, but it made my workday suck less when I had it on repeat, fuck you.


Nope. I've been trying to finish up my Oath Of The Gatewatch Song, but progress has been slow on that. I went 3-3 on the prerelease though, so that's cool.

Yeah, I didn't pull any big money cards, but I had a pretty sweet colorless-

They're random booster packs. I'm not guaranteed to-

Reason 1: I'm polishing up Think Geek Is Not Nerdcore

Reason 2:
Punch Club:

I've never played a game that made me love it, then hate it, love it again, hate the ending, and now I want to replay it.

Truth be told, I have a fondness for all the dumb, grindy "simulator" type browser games, and Punch Club is no different in the framework.

Where it makes up for it is the fact that it's more ambitious: the fighting system, while automated, is faily deep and allows you to switch which moves your fighter can use based upon your opponent. The story is suprisingly interesting, and branches depending on what choices you make. It's no Until Dawn, but it's an appreciated extra for a game that I wouldn't expect to make for. It's nothing you haven't seen before: train and fight for reasons, There's even a section where you go to Russia and fight a fighter named Ivangief.

Pop culture references are everywhere, and you'll either find them cute and charming (Jay and Silent Bob outside a convenience store, Jules and Verne from Pulp Fiction in a diner) or obnoxious and overdone (you fight Teenage Mutant Ninja Alligators, convenience store cleck is an Indian Guy named Apu, aforementioned Ivangief, girlfriend character named Adrian, manager named Ding King). All of this makes it feel like the game doesn't have an identity of its own and is screaming PLEASE LOVE ME!.

Would I recommend it? Depends on your tolerance on the grind and if you would plan on replaying it. I wouldn't have paid the full $10, though, at least as my initial playthrough stands. There's other avenues you can take with fighting styles and storylines, but there is a bit you have to put up with for an ending that's unsatisfactory.

Then again, I'm a crazy person.

For a video game with a slightly better price, you can download "Omnikron: The Nomad Soul" for free until the 22nd.

Anyway, I should have more for you next week, life's a little like Tetris right now: clear one thing, more keeps piling up. 

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