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Podcast Recaps for 1/22/2016: Raising Stakes As Well As Children

First of, Zonecasts started doing recap videos again! Yay!


Holy shit 2016 has been terrible so far. After losing Lemmy in 2015, we lost Glenn Frey from The Eagles, DAVID MOTHERFUCKING BOWIE, ALAN GODDAMN RICKMAN, "Iron" MIke Sharpe, goddamn... My "God's Trying To Make A Supergroup" Theory becomes more and more real by the day.

Bowie and Rickman both died of cancer at 69. You know who's a lump of human cancer and is 69 years old?


OK on to less depressing things, here's "Bowie In Space":

-Again, I am upon another heading that I wrote down when doing this recap: Chrono Cross? Postal 3?.
At the time, I didn't get the reference when Arcanon compared Chrono Cross to Postal 3, in that they were both spiritual successors, considered terrible by fans that had nothing to do with their predecessors. Mostly because I thought there wasn't a Postal 3.

Then I remembered watching a video on Asshole Simulators and I was like "Oh yeah, there WAS a Postal 3!" It was released in Russia before the US.

Postal is the only thing Running With Scissors has ever done. yay edgelord games.... Like seriously, Taliban Jokes in 2015?

That's true Mystakin. Oh wait, you said THE EXACT OPPOSITE LAST WEEK. See the video above.

And since this is the recap on MY site, here's a Battletoads Speedrun:

-UpUpDwnDwn is Xavier Woods' videogame YouTube Channel, and it's a really interesting watch. He/Austin Creed's not the best Let's Player, but I love watching him play with other Superstars, watching them break Kayfabe and have fun together. It's mainly the reason I want to see Heath Slater and Damien Sandow on TV again.

However what I'm looking forward is a reignition of his rivalry with Dirty Dan Ryckert Giant Bomb at PAXAMANIA:

-Rock Band's Soundtrack has MAYBE two main setlist songs completely unrecognizable at first glance(Those most likely being "Electric Version" AND "Dead On Arrival") . Chances are, someone from some generation will recognize something, and songs like "Are You Gonna Be My Girl?" and "Here It Goes Again" are still fresh in people's minds from various advertisements, there's plenty of songs people ask for by name. As the games wore on, the setlists opted for less recognizable hits but bigger bands (U2? VAN HALEN?)

-The Simpsons and Family Guy are shambling forms of their old selves, and the ways in which they attempt to innovate are more patheric as time goes on. The Simpsons look to cash in on the latest pop culture craze after animators spend 9 months working on it, and everything seems to be retreading old ground. I need to wartch it again, but looking at the Wiki page, they seem to have eased off the Celebrity of the Week Episodes.

Family Guy on the other hand has become Loss.Jpg the series. While it's shock humor and pop culture references are wearing thin, they tried getting "real" by introducing more serious storylines, such as Brian contemplating suicide, Glenn Quagmire's mother being transgender, and Glenn's sister was in an abusive relationship.

-In this week's edition of "Rhythm Bastard's Not Crazy", the word I was looking for was Pankration,
All it was is a mix boxing and wrestling, which seemed to be the official fighting style of mythical figures. I was right, but wrong at the same time. But the most important thing to take away from all this is....

-In I'm not crazy news part 2:

I listened to this guy during work, I've checked the related videos, and I realized I shouldn't have done this during work.

So from what I remember from browsing business articles Facebook shoves in my face, I know that discovering unexploited niches is key to being a successful provider of internet content. Let's Plays are mined to fuck, you might not know anything about makeup or fashion, and your apartment isn't sad enough to rant against women existing, so "Chugging 40s In A Ski Mask" could be an Innovative new Youtube trend for #thebest #web #content


-Shinsuke Nakamura is known as The King Of Strong Style and has a dope-ass theme song. He also fought Kevin Owens (then known as Kevin Steen) in 2014.

-Yotam Perel, very good animator, hosts his Tosh.0 Special and unwraps a naked baby:

-Speaking of Awkward Streams, Channel Fireball's Travis Woo got fired for talking about Mein Kampf.

Man, this week's theme seems to be "shitty web content". Hmmm... What can I do to counteract this....

All better!

Hey, look! The Gods of Fortitude actually managed to be parents this time! So we have the second half of the "Not Fucking Up A Child" montage next week, but this week we partake in my favorite trope: Kindunos and Zun Quib Slay working with each other by working against each other.

It happened when we retook Firefly: "I'm going to seduce the General!" "I'm going to have my army kill everyone and squaking with my eagle face!"

Same here: "You should totally steal all those goats" "Bro, you gonna take that shit?"

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