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Podcast Recaps for 1/15/2016- Speedrunning Through Childbirth


Wait, how do we do this again?

-The "Now Say It In A British Accent" Thing is because host of the Jimquisition and gaming personality Jim Sterling- I mean, JIM FUCKING STERLING SON, usually introduces his Quick Look videos (called Squirty Plays) with an insult toward the audience. Jim Fucking Stering, Son.
Been following him ever since the Destructoid days, and he's managed to shine in and out of publications.He's the one that originally turned me on to Deadly Premonition, which made me do this:


Technically they're genderless (according to Bulbapedia) so I don't know if they can really be sluts.

-When I write these things, I try to remember everything, but all I have here are "VIDEO GAME SKELETONS" Mystakin mentioned one that included Undertale, but neglected Grim Fandango, yet I couldn't find it. This list, while lacking a pop filter does include Manny Caravela.

I forgot which one he was referencing. Also a cool skeleton in video games is the one that was inside you all along uwu.

-I haven't played much of Amplitude, but the idea of a video game as a concept album is pretty awesome, the only problem being longevity. Thankfully the other songs round out the soundtrack a bit more, but even those are hit or miss (LOOKING AT YOU CRAZY RIDE) and are only unlocked after repeated plays.

-The most creepiest thing about GH LIve (other than HOW EVERYONE IS LOOKING AT YOU) are the signs in the audience: "YOU GUYS ARE COOL" "YOU GIFT MY EARS" "BEACH PARTY" Seriously? Were these songs written by 5 year olds who only heard what a rock concert is?

As a former extra, I can only imagine how difficult all that must have been to put together since crowds that large are like herding cats (source: Extra shoot for the movie New Year's Day).

If they ever make more venues like that, I'd like to see them play around with the concept: Pointing at the player when a lyric has the word "You!" seeing the camera shake because you got smacked in the back of the head, the bassist motioning to the sound guy to cut your sound, etc.

-Animorphs was the fucking shit back in the day. I read all the books I could and even watched the TV series. And Mystakin, like the fucking dumb idiot he is, (or the game is), got the premise all wrong:

So 5 kids discover an ancient alien artifact from a species known as the Andelites that allows them to transform into any animal they touch (for a maximum period of 2 hours). They use this power to combat the Yeerk, a brain parasite alien species that's pretty much the books version of Toxoplasma, where the host are compelled to feed and recharge (I forget the specifics) the parasites.

-Speedrun Couple is getting their own stage play/musical called "Rushing To The End" or possibly "Backuyp Strats for Your Relationship". Also it's a strong contender for "Segment I'd Animate If I Remembered ANYTHING From Flash.

-Resident Evil would NEVER get made as a AAA title these days. A spooky mansion with limited saves and obtuse puzzle sounds like something straight out of the ever increasing indie market. It's a surprise that more horror games try and follow in the original RE's footsteps as opposed to the first person games like Slender.
As dumb as it is now, I would love to try and figure out some batshit crazy chemical mixing puzzle to kill an overgrown plant, or find the various Chess Keys or whatever.

If there's any other game that follows in RE's footsteps (puzzlewise, not horror wise) let me know!


I don't do these as indepth as the Echo Chamber, since there is story involved and I don't want to spoil it.

Yeah, so the main thing I forget is that we're Gods and we can pretty much do whatever. Like, we can be invisible and show up out of nowhere or hide forever. We can move shit around behind the scenes and if anyone thinks we're a ghost or gets suspicious, it doesnt matter because A. Ghosts aren't real and B. We're gods and they can't do shit.

But even as an all powerful diety I'm still an awkward dork.

Also this was another fun episode since we do some problem solving, have some fun fate shenanigans, and Kindunos gets to punch shit. Like, we started a communist revolution by making Galt's Gulch.

Kidding aside, we've been getting into some deep shit in this campaign. Like, how to raise children, how to build a community, what values we think are important, etc.

Maybe the real God-like power is that we have it within ourselves take control of our own world.

Tabletop Campaigns are usually at their best when the PCs are royally fucking everything up, like accidentally blowing up the earth, but that other shit is fine too I guess.


I wish I started a death cult :(

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