Thursday, April 30, 2015

Echo Chamber POst Game Episode 122


-This is why I said Welcome To Chili's:

-This is why that guy made a welcome to Chili's meme:

-Whenever someone says "You do know that's fake, right?" they're doing it to say "You're having fun with something I don't like, so I'm going to invalidate it"

It's like, what do you expect me to do? "WHAT? GAMESTOP LIED TO MEEEEE!!!" and throw it down? Stop playing? What? Tell me how I am supposed to react to your genius insight. I could stop playing the game. Would that please you? Or is Dave Matthews coming out of nowhere and sucking your dick for protecting the integrity of music reward enough.

Wrestling is fake? I thought Bray Wyatt really was a swamp cult leader, The Undertaker was a wizard, and Vince McMahon was a really crazy person who hired sociopaths and violated labor laws, then telivised it because I'M VINCE MCMAHON GODDAMNIT! Would you like to turn off the TV and watch something you'd like? Or I could make wrestling real, and give you an Attitude Adjustment, because you sure as hell need one.

-Mega64: Shitting on the GDQs?

Things missing (according to Mystakin):
-Kappa faces
-Dongers raised
-"Gold Splits"
-A-holes running alongside them telling them they suck and they can do the IRL easier.

-"It's like League of Legends, mixed with a dating sim, mixed with Fat Princess, mixed with Tinder"- Rhythm Bastard

-"Update to our Tinder MOBA Fat Princess Game... It has to take place on hardwood floors"- Rhythm Bastard

-For those of you further behind, here's a time lapse of Mystaking making his game LIVE ON TWITCH!!!!

-"I really like the part when Michael Bolton sung about anuses"

 -Heads up, Jeff: "Lust for Life" was not on that Iggy Pop live album.

-The best 5 Second Films about a failed Presidential Run:

-Homestar Runner Store Day:

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