Monday, May 4, 2015

Status Quo and Sunday With Me

This weekend's jam:

Heard it on the radio in the wild this weekend... Patting myself on the back for this one. I guess I should be too surprised since they were in a goddamn Amazon commercial.

Speaking of songs being on the radio, I was featured on Vundacast this week!
This week's topic was DC's Convergence which was DC's second "Throwing In The Towel" moment in the past 5 years.

Nothing more to report on that front. Been getting some good feedback, but other than that, nothing. Now that I have some more songs finished up, you should hear something new from me sometime this week.
Working on a couple new tracks to play at the show, and seriously considering springing for a couple pro backing trtacks instead of getting what I can of

Unfortuneately, because I was away this weekend, I missed my opportunity to book the rooms for cheap, but hopefully I can still make it, because it is shaping up to be quite the show.

All I can say for now, is that I do have a poll on the sidebar :D. And come see me at Hero Hype Con...


I've got a couple oddities I'm willing to show off, or maybe just dick around with what I'm playing now.

The thing is finding the right day for it. Probably Tuesday, because right now, working a 9 to 5, this is my week:
Monday- Looking forward to Monday Night RAW
Tuesday- Squat day
Wednesday- Hey, at least hump day is over!
Thursday- Looking forward to doing the podcast/bench day!
Friday- Obvious reasons/Friday Night Magic
Saturday/Sunday- Weekend

Since I don't really have anything on Tuesday or Wednesday, I'll probably do it then so I have something to get me through the day. I'll try out different days.

Yo, Saints Row 4 is really fun, and I'm sad I'm only getting to it now. Saints Row 3 was a tad inconsistent in its tone (yes, obscenely wacky/gang crime thriller don't mesh terribly well), SR4 takes the ball and runs with it. The plot is basically, "You're the president and you've been kidnapped by aliens, are you a bad enough dude to rescue yourself."
Then what originally started as a GTA knockoff has the cars rendered useless in the first hour. Which at first sounds like a disappointment, but then I realized I can play the radio stations outside of cars, so I can run at superspeed while listening to "Song 2" and "B.O.B.". Speaking of soundtacks, some of the songs are used for some good comedy bits, like flying out of an alien spacecraft to "What Is Love".
I've become a completionist on the side levels because while Assassin's Creed 2's side missions got repetitive and bogged down, the novelty of jumping 100 feet in the air and running up walls takes some of the edge off. This and Crackdown are in my backlog, and it's going to feel like a step back when I finally get to that.

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