Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Echo Chamber Episode 123 Post Game


-Our Kickstarter Goal was $0, so in theory, we've made our money and so much more.

-Happy birthday Jeff!

-Luther, Anger Translator at Press Correspondents Dinner:

Colbert got in a bit of trouble at the dinner he was at because the Republicans didn't know he was a parody. Believe it or not, the laugh track and jokes the fact that it was on Comedy Central didn't tip them off. Or rather, I guess right-leaning candidates were going in expecting him to be less critical.
-Yooka-Laylee Kickstarter!
I didn't play much of Banjo-Kazooie, but I did beat all of Donkey Kong 64,and it's a wonder how I made it through all of that without achievements or anything to encourage you. Then again, I was, like, 8 when Mario 64 came out.

Mostly the reason that these kinds of games aren't made any more is threefold:
1. Metroidvania style games are more in vogue among indie developers, with their focus on exploring rather than collecting and platforming, preferring to go with one long level as opposed to several different ones.
2. Those games are seen more aimed at children, so less effort is put into them, and the excessive amounts of effort in design, objectives and gameplay found in the earlier games is lost, as to make a shorter, more profitable turnaround.
3. Games can't do one thing anymore. AAA titles cannot simply be "Shooter", "Action", "RPG", etc. In a bid to keep players playing and seem like more game than "the other guy".

-Closest thing to a Super Mario 64 skybox I could find.

-Stop and Swop educational video:

-Also similar to the ice keys and eggs was the island in the Dam Mission in Goldeneye 007. It can still be seen in the main game, but has since been removed for the sake of a tighter game.

-FREE GAME IDEA: Jousting with Subway Sandwiches in the Subway on Segways. NEXT LUDUM DARE!!!

-The fictional sport I was thinking of with the trampolines and the pool of water was Kosho.
From Wikipedia:
Kosho (Old Pine Tree), a style of martial art practised in the live action television series, The Prisoner. The art in the series is far different than the real art practiced by follower of James Mitose. In the series two combatants dressed in long coats, helmets and reinforced gloves face off on opposing trampolines separated by a pool of water, all of which is surrounded by an elevated ledge and railing. All surfaces are open to use, and the art includes striking and grappling skills, as well as acrobatic manouvres. The goal is to force one's opponent into the pool.


-"Jumpin Jack Flash" from Elite Beat Agents, the best version of the song, and the best setup for any song ever.

-'Ready Steady Go" by Zebrahead cover:

-Here's the Next Generation Article I'm talking about.
 It's astounding how many of those actually came out and had a gigantic impact on the system. That article was in May of 1997, before Goldeneye, Legend of Zelda, Banjo Kazooie, Super Smash Bros, F-Zero X and all the other classic games came out for the system. There were a couple Japan-only projects, hinging on the 64DD, but even in the early days it was amazing to see what was coming out for such well-remembered system, and to see what failed to manifest.

-"I don't know enough about programming!"- Mystakin, author of several Ludum Dare games.

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