Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Status Quo Sunday Slam Masters

Oh, that's a good way to start RAW: old dudes talking about John Cena. Also, the Bella Twins """acting""".

Not a lot to show for this week, unfortunately.

I do want to get the SQR train moving, so this week will be getting emails for my artists list, so that next week I can send out the official "HEY GUYS WE'RE DOING IT!!!" thing.

Two songs in the works, and my Dad getting his craniotomy has thrown a wrench in a lot of things right now. Neither of these two songs are directly related to Status Quo Radio, it's more suited to my show at Umicon Daytona next weekend, which will officially be called "Umicon Music Initiative" or "U.M.I.". The two songs I do plan on releasing simultaneously, since they are so wildly different in content. I'm currently jobless right now, so while I'll be on the job hunt, I won't have a 11-hour block of time where I STRAIGHT UP CAN'T DO THE THING.

Since this week's a little light, I'd like to talk about something my brother said to me in the car the other day:

"How come you don't right about anything real?"

Now, one philosophy I've always had with my music is "Themes, Not Memes". When I write a song about a thing, I want to attach something else to it. Take for example, my latest song, "Hunting Bigger Game" Yes, it's obviously about Magic: The Gathering, but it IS the attitude I have when I go out on Friday nights to play. I'm seeing old friends, meeting people, and we hang out plenty outside of the comic shop. The feeling that the weekend started, and you're set to kick some ass? That's something everyone's felt.

So I asked him, "What do you mean?"

He responded, "Well, have you ever thought about writing a song about [an old girlfriend of yours]? You don't write about love or anything that much."

I shrugged it off, but keep in mind a couple things:
1. I don't want to write about the same things everyone else. Songs about love are everywhere, and songs that cover the subject without feeling generic ("We Are Never Getting Back Together" and "Fuck You" come to mind as recent examples) are few and far between.

2. My songwriting process is different than that. I don't see my songs coming from any place, emotion is just one of the pieces I use, and I make a song, I'm combining riffs, and parts and trying to find new ways to have the different instruments work together. I guess that's the engineer in me.

3. He likes Train, and that song "Rude" by Magic! so his opinion on music should be disqualified.

See you next week!

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