Sunday, December 1, 2013

Status Quo Sunday Becomes the New Post Thanksgiving Holiday

How was your Thanksgiving weekend? Eat Turkey? See family? Drove 3 hours only to go 3-5 at a Sealed PTQ, and have the I-95 backed up like a motherfucker at 11:30 PM on your way home?

OK, first, despite all the technical problems, a new song, titled "The Siege" will be released this Thursday. I finished crafting the lyrics yesterday, and finished the vocals just now, and I'm trying to find my way around REAPER so I can cut a good stem. After this song, the next two are related to Christmas things I'm working on.
Second, along with a download of "The Siege", I'm giving away a poster and CD to a random subscriber on the mailing list, so get it in now. I'm going to be sending it out/doing the drawing Monday night! 

Thirdly, Dino Hunter MD: The Sound Track is PAY WHAT YOU WANT (just as its always been)!
Cyber Monday came a day early!

I ordered a new Audio Interface, so everything is back on track, FINGERS CROSSED!!!

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