Sunday, November 24, 2013

Status Quo Survivor Sequence Of Events

Survivor Series is on in the other window, and REAPER is rendering out a test mix of a song known as "Tower Seige". HMMM....

-In other news, the rough frame work for the album has been established, and the story is all in line, as one of the things I'm thinking of doing was an accompanying limited series comic/graphic novel, expounding upon some of the story bits in the album. Once this song is finished, and I re-record the next one, (and replace my Audio Interface), I'll have a version ready to send to artists, mastering peeps, friends and pretty much anybody I need to help out with the back end stuff.

At work this week, I'll begin outlining all of that and take inventory for when I need to make a Kickstarter. 

Punk/Bryan face the Wyatts after John Cena won ANOTHER match against Alberto Del Rio.

Also Bray Wyatt is the only portly man with a beard man who doesn't look like a shithead in a fedora.

-In the works are two Christmas-related songs, one for the TF2 Secret Santa, and one for the Something Awful Christmas Album, so a lot of my songwriting time is going to be taken up by those.

-My first giveaway is coming soon, so be sure to make sure you're on the mailing list for that. It's also testing ground for sending out merch in the future, so if this goes well, then you might see posters and stuff on the Bandcamp page. 

But the giveaway does include Magic The Gathering Cards.

-The stream is active again, and I'll be streaming on opposite Tuesdays of Bonesaw Gaming. Since they're biweekly, I'll stream when they're not on, so you can watch an Echo Chamber member stream Tuesday Nights. This week I'll be streaming some Legendary, a game for the Xbox 360 that I have no clue about.Starts at 8 PM

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