Sunday, November 3, 2013

Status Quo Sunday Recaps ALL The Podcasts!

 First and foremost, as promised, here's a new song "Fahrenhype"

Beat used: "Let It Crawl" by Society's Bag

Since Two Best Friends Play and Supergreatfriend both finished up their LPs of “Indigo Prophecy” at around the same time, I made this.

I got Indigo Prophecy the first week or so it came out. Like most people, I was pumped for the first few hours of game play, and it was really great because it was setting up this cool mystery, and then it absolutely went to shit. I'm kind of curious what the buildup would have been had they had proper time to finish up that project.

The initial premise, that you take on the role and the police, made for an interesting mechanic, but it's completely abandoned two scenes in to make room for the 100 other types of subplots they wanted to get in.

The characters are very broadly drawn, with their roles boiled down to things such as "The Hero", "The Love Interest", "The Black Guy", etc. and while appreciate the little details that are put into their lives (Lucas plays guitar and practices martial arts, Tyler has a girlfriend and plays video games, Carla's best friend), the characters themselves aren't very interesting. I don't have fond memories of anyone from that game like I did with Deadly Premonition and The Walking Dead.

Granted, I finished it, but only because there were so many dangling hooks, I had to be dragged along for the ride, and I was already halfway through before it became "Play Simon to advance".

At the end of the day, while I may find his games problematic, I appreciate what his doing, and am more than glad that a person like him can make the games that he does. Again, The Walking Dead came along and kicked the crap out of everything he did, but as far as making people think a little differently about games with a AAA budget, then it's OK... for now.


My segment starts right around the 2 hour mark. We talk about screwy video games, rock n' roll radio cliches, TWO FOR TUESDAY, and movies. I'd love to be back on there again sometime!


The RAW Episode after a Pay Per View is always an odd one. Hell in a Cell didn't resolve a lot, and Daniel Bryan got screwed out of the title again. It's getting old at this point, and none of the non-comedy plotlines interest me now that John Cena's back.


And I failed... again...


The good news is that I got a three song deep queue of stuff on the backburner, so I'm never not running out of material.

The bad news is that eventually I'm going to be moving some of the Dino Hunter MD songs off of Soundcloud, since they're on Bandcamp, and I'm running out of space on SoundCloud.

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