Monday, October 28, 2013

Status Quo Sunday Has A Festival For All O Y'all


Hopefully there's one other spot I can get it to play first, but WE'LL SEE.
This past weekend I was at a little place called GeekFest, hosted by the fellows at Gonzo Radio. I wasn't performing, so I was pretty much just handing out business cards. Still a lot of fun things to do, like Magic The Gathering and Dance Central, and there were some wicked sweet costumes in the cosplay competition.

Speaking of Cosplay HOLY CRAP SO MANY DEADPOOLS. But they were giving out free chimichangas, courtesy of Grifter Cosplay Creations. Most cons gouge you for food, some are reasonable about it, but very few give it away for free. WOO! FREE LUNCH! It's like if Slave Leias or Harley Quinns were giving out (insert thematically appropriate food item here). Or Team Fortress 2 characters gave you free hats.

I got my first radio interview there! The Pow Wow Show talked to me for a little while, and it was hell of fun! My segment starts right around the 2 hour mark. Also managed to score an NES Advantage, Metroid, Metal Gear, and Tetris.

Later that day I went to Moonfest on Clematis St. Just being at a street fair took me back to NYC, and combine that with the actually kinda cool weather, and I was back :) But for however many Deadpools I saw at Geekfest, I saw at least twice as many Waldos.

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