Saturday, December 14, 2013

Echo Chamber Post Game Episode 65

Sorry this took so long to put up. I was on a business trip and that put a damper on things. 


Lots of talk about card games in this one. Allow me to recap:
ME: I went to a Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour Qualifier this past weekend, and everyone looked like Bray Wyatt. (pictured below)
ANIME COW: I play Magic and work for a card shop that has dubious labor practices.
ARCANON: I play Yu-Gi-Oh.
ARCANON: I unconcur.
ME: Who want's to talk about game theory you guys?

(Several days later)

-Hahaha Bray Wyatt's real name is Windham Rotunda. It's funny 'cause he's fat.

-I could write an essay on aforementioned difference between all of them, but the main thing I will say is that the major difference between the three is what happens when a creature attacks:
Magic: A creature becomes "tapped" and cannot block your attack (unless it has an attribute known as Vigilance). Knowing this, you can either block or take the damage.
Yu-Gi-Oh: You cannot attack the player directly. You have to get rid of all the creatures he controls first.
Pokemon: You need to have one creature available to send into battle. If not, you lose. Also, a creature can be worn down over time. If you defeat 6 of your opponents creatures (which can be healed or switched out), you win.
Vanguard: Kill yourself, because you're playing Vanguard.

-Finally, because FUCK YOU:

-Contrast that with the Japanese opening, which while still obnoxiously mall punky, you can at least skank to it:

-Fun fact, the Yu-Gi-Oh card game, was not initially the main focus of the series. The author had an idea for a fighting manga without the fighting and "game" was the first thing he came up with. It changed every issue or so where he'd compete against someone via a different game. Interesting take, now it's a children's card game that EVERYONE TAKES SUPER FUCKING SERIOUSLY

-So, I was reading the Bitcoin Thread on Someting Awful, and it reminded me of this one time a girl tried to pay me in YuGiOh cards. Granted, she only got some buttons that I found, and I gave said cards right to little brother, but I thought… Is this how the YuGiOh Anime started?

Lemme back up a little bit: Bitcoins, while an interesting experiment, still have a lot going against them, and I always joke how if there was no more electricity, or internet, YuGiOh/MtG cards would make a way better currency because you can at least still play the game.

WHAT IF that little by little, the cards to the game slowly started replacing real money, and that’s why everyone takes a children’s card game SO FUCKING SERIOUSLY. It even explains why they’re so surprised when they see common cards: they’ve never had to use them as money.

So, then that means that all the game store owners became the new 1%ers, since they’re sitting on such a vast reserve.

Pegasus wasn’t a genius, he just worked the counter at Toys R’ Us

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