Monday, December 30, 2013

Status Quo Sunday, Born On A Monday


But since there was no podcast this week, Status Quo Sunday can pull double duty.

So, Christmas came and went, and I got some pretty good stuff, most relevant being the Rock Band 3 keyboard, which can be used as a MIDI keyboard in a pinch. Actually, it works out pretty well so I can sequence in all new instruments! Also, new gameplay in RB3 (three years too late)!

How do I find keys? It's odd to say the least. Normally on guitar my left hand is doing all the fingering, while the right handles rhythm, with keys, it's all in the right hand, so it's been hard adjusting my brain to do all these new things.

HOWEVER, I've found 5 Lane Keys A LOT easier than guitar, because I can assign a digit to a fret.

Pro keys is a lot harder, since I'm covering more ground with the same hand, and I don't get any aural feedback. Rock Band 3 provides a mode where you can "learn" the songs, so it's all good. Really, it seems to be the Rocksmith for the Keyboard.

Also got a Harmonica, which is a fun little thing to play around with, and I might be adding into another track from Status Quo Radio.

SPEAKING OF WHICH, wrote a new song for the album as well, and it's really starting to come together. You should see that sometime next week, since I'll be on Sands Of Anime business this weekend.

Right now, I'm writing this in between commercial breaks from RAW, which just featured a match between the Great Khali and Damien Sandow where I wish the announcement table would talk about twerk or how to download the WWE App.

Now, with setlist in hand for Sands of Anime, LET'S KICK THIS WEEK'S ASS!!!

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