Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Status Quo Sunday Taps Into Dark Forces


This is going to be cool, because on top of being a concert with two awesome DJs, it's also a Hearthstone Tournament!

7:00 pm - Tournament Sign-Up
8:00 pm - Tournament Starts
9:00 pm - Third Impact Productions (30 min set)*
10:00 pm - Rhythm Bastard (30 min set)*
11:00 pm - DJ TONX (30 min set)*
12:00 am - Spider-Man tickets given away*
1:00 am - Tournament Ends*
(*) - Subject to change.

I just learned that this is also the same weekend as the Hour Of Devastation Pre-Release, but I should have something for that ready by then...

JAM OF THE WEEK- "Fighting With The Melody" by Jimmy Urine of Mindless Self Indulgence

Here's what I knew going into this:
Jimmy Urine was in Mindless Self Indulgence

The only song I know by them is "Straight To Video"
Jimmy Urine was in "Lollipop Chainsaw"
It was part of Momocon Favorite Game "The Metronomicon"

What I Didn't Know:
This song was such a banger. 

Demented, driven and delighting in the devilish, "Fighting With The Melody" is more or less the "lead track" off The Metronomicon. Given my previous experience with Mindless Self Indulgence, it sounds similar. 

The rest of the album, "The Secret Cinematic Sounds Of Jimmy Urine" reminded me a lot of John Carpenter's "Lost Themes", but Jimmy Urine's tracks are more energetic, and have more going on. Like, they'd be playing in the nightclubs that are left within a John Carpenter Dystopia.

Both are excellent if if you're into synthy, instrumental music.


Oh yeah, worth the $12 I spent on it, AND I got the deluxe edition with some select choices from the Soundtrack. A controller of some kind is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY especially on harder difficulties. I'm sure you can finagel something "cleaner" than their default, but that default position is REALLY rough.


Yup! Getting buttons in, and going to run a special promotion where you get a free button with every T-shirt order. 

Hopefully, I'll also have another special item for sale, but I don't want to confirm anything yet.


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