Thursday, June 22, 2017

Giving You A Shot Of Status Quo Sunday

I played Punk Rock and was in a Boy Band, and had a fun time!
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I also had a merch booth!

While my concert went well, the 3000 Brigade show was 1000% OVER. We've worked so hard the past couple months to put it together, and not only did it go well, but the crowd was SUPER into the boy band. 

JAM OF THE WEEK: "Girl, You Need A Shot Of B-12" by B-12

This exists in some weird intersection of like 5 different things: 90's Boy Bands, 00's Let's Try Boy Bands Again Revival, K-Pop, etc. I liked the nods to some of the Backstreet Boys's videos like "Backstreets Back" (the horror movie elements), and "Larger Than Life" (all that future shit)

The American Dad episode this is from didn't impress me much, but goddamn is that song catchy. My favorite low key gags are Toshi with blonde Bieber hair and without his glasses, and the music video changing background every measure.

This is going to be cool, because on top of being a concert with two awesome DJs, it's also a Hearthstone Tournament!

7:00 pm - Tournament Sign-Up
8:00 pm - Tournament Starts
9:00 pm - Third Impact Productions (30 min set)*
10:00 pm - Rhythm Bastard (30 min set)*
11:00 pm - DJ TONX (30 min set)*
12:00 am - Spider-Man tickets given away*
1:00 am - Tournament Ends*
(*) - Subject to change.

Florida's greatest nerd music institution, Orlando Nerd Fest, is on Patreon and is looking to start up a yearly festival for 2018. There's also a SECRET MYSTERY EVENT in November, so hopefully this leads to a revival!

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