Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Status Quo Sunday Is Heading For Friday


A holiday that came out because we disrespected authoritarian figures!



This is going to be cool, because on top of being a concert with two awesome DJs, it's also a Hearthstone Tournament!

7:00 pm - Tournament Sign-Up
8:00 pm - Tournament Starts
9:00 pm - Third Impact Productions (30 min set)*
10:00 pm - Rhythm Bastard (30 min set)*
11:00 pm - DJ TONX (30 min set)*
12:00 am - Spider-Man tickets given away*
1:00 am - Tournament Ends*
(*) - Subject to change.

JAM OF THE WEEK: "For The Love Of God" by Rosie

Another song off of The Metronomicon Soundtrack, this is "For The Love Of God" by the band Rosie. This and "Midnight" are both playable.

I gotta admit, 90% of my love for this song comes from that bass and tom rhythm on the second verse. Playing that section just felt right. My one complaint with The Metronomicon was that there wasn't as much "flow" to the note placement as Amplitude, but that ONE section took me back to those heady days of 2002 and that one time I tried it at PAX East 2016.

Not really much to say here, just a song that's part of a really good soundtrack despite the fact that you will know none of the songs.


Other than my concert this week, there's a bunch of stuff that I have been working on but I either can't mention it or sahouldn't mention it. But keep in mind you WILL have new music soon. 

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