Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Status Quo Wednesday Is On El Radio


This was kind of out of nowhere (got the announcement last week?), and I won't be there on Saturday, but how can I turn down a show on the 1 year anniversary of Status Quo Radio?

Last year, the rooms got shuffled around and I wasn't able to get a show, hopefully the hurricane doesn't fuck with things.


Todd in the Shadows covered this on a recent episode of his series "One Hit Wonderland", and despite his opinion of song, I was into it when he did a piano rendition in the intro. The original version is right in that spot of more punk-y new wave, but Authority Zero did a version with the energy and bounce that I was looking for in the song.

Status Quo Radio is out there. It took me 5 years from a concept of a Team Fortress 2 album to what we have today. It was this project that as it went along, I added more to it: my frustrations, my fears, my politics, and while I can still say it was influenced by the video game, it's not so obvious you could play on Nerdist as "#EPIC Team Fortress Song!", it'd get big for a week, and then fade out. That's not what I want.

I'm not a hack like Brentalfloss or Natewantstobattle* where I'm compelled to do something based on the HOT NEW THING because it's already an effort to bring myself to work on music in the first place because, hey, I went and got myself a real job and my free time is trying to hold on to my will to go in tomorrow. Since I can't be relevant, I'll work on being good.

Looking ahead, I'm still going to make music of course, and do the Magic The Gathering songs, and everything else, but I don't know if I can bring myself to do an album without a "point".

But for now, I'll be proud. I'll be thankful for DJ Roborob, who I met by chance at Omni Expo 2 years ago, and was a great partner in mixing, mastering, and getting this thing finished.

I'll be thankful for Arcanon who did the drums for a few songs and helped make the beats that much better.

I'll be thankful for David, Jesse, Rhythm Dadstard, who contributed vocals.

I'll be thankful for anyone who listened and liked it.

Thank you!

*No disrespect, both are very talented and most certainly not hacks, but I'm trying to get some heel heat.

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