Sunday, October 30, 2016

PODCAST RECAPS FOR 10/29/2016: Five Nights At Arby's


I was on the Special Halloween Episode of Insert Quest Here!


-Something... happened last week? I think. I dunno, the podcast is the same as it ever was!

-Dumb Bullshit Jared Leto Did To Get Into Character For The Joker:
1. Sending random gifts to his coworkers like used condoms and anal beads.
2. Fucking with his coworkers by being "in character" the whole time and insisting everyone call him Mr. J on the set.
3. Dropping a live pif in the middle of a table read.

Yeah, everyone hated him.

Jared Leto feels like the  director was egging him on the whole time. Like, all the other actors were like "Man, not this shit again" and David Ayer, the director, along with the marketing team was like "HOW MESSED UP IS THE JOKER GONNA BE?"

-Why I Am The King Of Five Nights At Freddy's: without my kickass song, nobody would have heard of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. Markiplier, NateWantsToBattle and Game Theory are all liars and charaltans. Never played the games, but I'm the real King Of Finve Nights At Freddy's: A Game I've Never Played.

-"Bad Things Happen Warehouse Starring Jared Leto" is what is on the marquee at every 30 Seconds To Mars concert.

-Creepy Stuff Scientist is how I imagine John would act if were still alive and unactivated by The Protocol after [REDACTED] activated it.

-Real people painted like animatronics? Did you mean Steam Powered Giraffe:

-If we're doing jump scare muppet house, I'm surprised we haven't brought up the one guy who's got "innocuous object but REALLY SCARY" on lock down:


-Rockudrama, while not meaty, is really big on dry humor, like, as Arc mentioned: Jake and Amir. While nowadays it seems "DORKLY" is the big CollegeHumor brand, CH in general was pretty good at that aloof, "bullshit with a striaght face". I thought the series ended when I graduated college, but it's still going on, like this from a couple days ago:

Let's look at comme-

oh... oh... oh...

-I've come around on Kool Terry. Kool Terry is Kewl with Mee. He's like onions: when made to put in a dish, it's great, but you can't eat it on your own. Also it smells bad.

 -The TRUE AND HONEST Nintendo Switch Trailer:

-The curly fries look SOOOOO GOOOOD, but those Beef and Cheddar Sandwiches could look better.
Arby's tweets out their own Nintendo Switch hype 

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