Saturday, October 22, 2016

PODCAST RECAPS FOR 10/22/2016: Dude, Where's My Jetpack?


-I've seen a lot of episodes of "One Hit Wonderland" and I'd like to see the Harvey Danger/Flagpole Sitta episode. The song is just so good, and encapsulates all of that late-90's quirk and angst that the band would have nothing left to say after that. The song was about the commodification of the Seattle area in the wake of the alt-rock boom, and it's at the crux between pop and weird.

The AV Club has an article about the song, and this passage sums it up perfectly:
“Flagpole Sitta” unwittingly resonates on multiple levels. On the surface, it’s a pop song that can be appreciated for its earworm chorus and how it crescendos to a perfectly calibrated, cathartic punk explosion. It can also be viewed as a neatly packaged encapsulation of the decade’s underground signifiers and teen angst. Dig a little deeper, and it’s a rallying cry for anyone who loathes the pomposity of the mainstream alternative pantheon. Dig deeper still, and it’s a crisp, intellectual evisceration of pseudo-rebellion and bloated self-importance—but yet, skillfully and luckily, doesn’t fall prey to either of these foibles.
-Treat You Better Video:

...Well, at least it gives the Domestic Violence Hotline number, so it's not entirely useless. I don't entirely hate Shaun Mendez, but he's part of an already oversaturated niche, so while I won't immediately shut the radio off, I'll usually do a couple laps to find something better.

-"Jugga Jigga Wugga" comes from this Strong Bad Email, "Death Metal":

-Hatsune Miku Pedal

Now to think of some anime words that start with "de-"
jugga jigga wugga
jugga jigga wugga
jugga jugga wugga

-For reference a toonie is a Canadian Two Dollar Coin:

It's about the size of a Golden Dollar, and would hurt like a motherfucker.

 -This is where Sailor Henry's origin comes from:

Bad Roman Reigns and Sasha Banks Fan Art
Is Sonic just a little pudgy, or is he pregnant too?

-I think if we combine these two prompts, then we have the making of a pretty good cyber punk novel. I mean "Trace Evans" already sounds like a Cyberpunk protagonist name. Speaking of Trace, he was adorable to watch on the Skype video chat. If we did a video version of this podcast, you will see us doing a lot of finger quotes and me dabbing.

-Interesting thing about the number 1002, if you look at 17 US Code 1002, you'll find that that line of code is for "Incorporation Of Copying Controls" COPYING? SOUNDS LIKE CLONING!!!

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