Monday, March 31, 2014

Status Quo Sunday Welcomes You To A New Kind Of Tension

On March 28th, my Dad turned 63, and as a birthday present, I took him out to see American Idiot, the musical based on the Green Day album. He loved it when we saw it on Broadway a couple years ago, and while in the Broward Center for Performing Arts the show was much less elaborate (and are seats were wa further back), it was still a good show for a great album and gave me the itch to work on Status Quo Radio.

Really, the show and singing the album in Rock Band made me realize how well put together the whole album is, and what a coincidence, it turns 10 in September. What a kick in the ass it all is, and now I'm even more determined to get SQR finished. 

HOWEVER, there is another song I worked on instead for podcast Overlord and Heir Commandant, Ozone, who wanted me to do a song for an upcoming project. It's about wrestling, a.k.a. The Only Reason I Turn On My TV Expect For Playing Video Games.

This week is back to more music, more con hustling and more "Crap I Do When I Should Be Working On Magic". Next week, I should have up a new song AND something upcoming confirmed.

I got the setlist all worked up for Miami Hurricon, and you'll hear about that, and another BIG convention very soon!

But as it's shaping up right now, Miami Hurricon, for a FREE show in it's early years, is really good. Of all things, I'm looking forward to meeting Max Giraldi, a.k.a. HotDiggedyDemon, to see if Senpai notices me and my song "Protocols Ordering New Youth":

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